19 th August
19 th August
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Hellbound: Hellraiser II (35mm Screening)

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RPS presents a special 35mm screening of HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II on Friday, August 19 at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY. Show starts at 10pm.

*Mint-condition 35mm print on loan from the personal collection of director Tony Randel.

U.K. | 97 mins | Dir. Tony Randel | 35mm

For Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence), the nightmares never end. Still fresh in her fevered memory are her father’s skinned corpse, the evil machinations of her Uncle Frank’s reanimated body, and the unspeakable perversity of the Cenobites. But for Kirsty, the worst is yet to come. From beyond the Outer Darkness, from the darkest regions of the imagination comes HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II.

Doctor Channard re-opens the channel between dimensions, making an unholy alliance that will once again propel Kirsty into the horrifying world beyond. And for a second time, she must confront the dark desires of the demonic cenobites and the awesome powers of their master, Leviathan.

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