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50+ Things For Horror Fans To Do During A Pandemic

While many of us are staying indoors to help prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, everyone listed below wanted to share their work and help keep horror fans entertained during this difficult time. We hope you find some comfort and enjoyment in our efforts.

Please check back often because this list is still growing! There are now nearly 100 things!

Many of the items here are free, but some are not.

NameType of Content
SlasherHorror social network
Slasher Mobile App ArtistsMusic
Tiny HorrorsTwo sentence stories
Crybaby Bridge: A Louisana Urban LegendShort film
A Psycho’s PathMovie
Death By DVDPodcast
Kill the DeadPodcast
Creep AcademyPodcast
Flatline Audio 138Music
Friday the 13th LegacyShort film
Dangerous PeopleMovie
Lucas MillironBooks
the Th3rdMusic
Stacy CoxBooks
Gory RoryMusic
Don’t Fuck With the OriginalPodcast
Sylvester BarzeyBooks
Spook SquadPodcast
Squawking DeadPodcast
LostShort film
The Morbid MuseumBooks
How to Make a Monster: The Lovelist Shade of RedBooks
Sharp KnivesComic book
Enemy On TapeMusic
Graveyard ShiftPodcast
Embrace the FilmYouTube
3B VideoYouTube
Max SeilerShort film
10th CircleReviews
Gang AlleyPodcast
Facemelt FeaturesShort film
Horror BuzzWebsite
Anthropomantic FiendYouTube
Big Scary ShowPodcast
M. E. PurfieldBooks
Slinky’s Liquor Pawn and VideoYouTube
G.U.T.S. PodcastPodcast
Don’t Go Out There PodcastPodcast
We Are Horrified!Podcast
New England Home of HorrorPodcast
Erich GamacheBooks
Madame CrufeliYouTube
Drive In HorrorshowMovie
The Grindhaus PodcastPodcast
The Argento SyndromeBooks
The PodcastPodcast
Reel CrimePodcast
Disciples of the SerpentBooks
Horror FactsWebsite
Kangas Kahn FilmsMovies
The Memories of Evelyn SwanShort story
Movies From The MadhouseYouTube
The SwearwolvesPodcast
Scary Story TimeWebsite
Da Female PhenomTwitch
Have A Dark Day: Dear Cthulhu Volume 1Books
Over My Dead Body (Undead Kid Diaries Book 1)Books
The Calling HoursPodcast
Descent Into HorrorWebsite
Jason Takes OmegleYouTube
I Have No Face and I Must KillShort story
Rue Morgue Free Digital IssueMagzine
Pod & GorePodcast
Are You the Superior Being?: Veronica JourneyBooks
BackPage ZombieShort film
Mom AwayShort film
GeofferyShort film
Video PalacePodcast
20 Seconds to LiveWeb series
My Boring Zombie ApocalypseMovies
One Last CaressMusic
Sirens CallMagzine
The Garage of HorrorPodcast
Dead Stinky AnimalsBooks
Haunting LightYouTube
Horror MadeWebsite
The Wicked LibraryPodcast
Ryan ShoveyMovies
Rogue Chimera FilmsYouTube
The Family Way: Coming HomeMovies
Father of LiesMovies
Prosthetics MagazineMagzine
A Podcast on Elm StreetPodcast
Monster Madness PodcastPodcast
The Homicidal HomemakerYouTube
Keep It in the DarkShort Film
Haunted PamlicoShort Film
K-Ghoul RadioPodcast
Podcast from the CryptPodcast
Terror CardsMobile App
Poddamnation Horror PodcastPodcast
Horror Flicks and Guitar Picks PodcastPodcast
Slasher CriticYouTube
Final Girl FridayPodcast
Abnormal AttractionMovie